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Sterling silver will keep its sheen and luster for generations if taken care of and stored properly. The tarnish on silver is caused by humidity and chemicals in the air. Tarnish may be unsightly, but it is not serious -- it does not damage the surface of the metal, and it can easily be cleaned.

If there is no tarnish on your Sterling silver, Wash it gently with a phosphate free detergent (dishwashing liquid) and dry it thoroughly with a cotton cloth after wearing. If it won't be worn again for a while, store it in a sealable polyethylene plastic bag (Ziploc works fine). If there is some tarnish on your sterling silver, a polishing cloth or a polishing lotion will be needed. Always remember to dry the silver completely before storing, and store it in a dry place. Placing anti-tarnish paper in your jewelry box helps. Please check out the 'Silver Care Info' section for more helpful tips. The more you wear your silver, the less it is likely to tarnish!

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