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Italian Charm braclet

The idea came out of Italy, and they were manufactured in Italy, so they became known as 'Italian Charms'. The original idea was to make a bracelet that tells a story. Each person puts together their own story with these stainless steel individual charms. First a starter bracelet is chosen, then over time individual charm links can be added.

The craze hit America a few years back and is still going strong. The original size was called 9mm. Now there are also 7mm and 13mm widths which look great layered on the wrist or placed on the ankle. Men and kids love them too!

9mm Italian charm bracelet - 9mm charms
Italian charm bracelet 13mm charms bracelets 7mm ankle bracelets
13 mm Italian charm braceleta , 9mm charms , 17mm Mega Charm
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